Isle of 100,000 Graves

Five years ago, little Gwenny's father found, inside a bottle, a map with instructions on how to reach the mysterious Isle of 100,000 Graves and its legendary treasures - and then he vanished. Now Gwenny, having stumbled across another bottle-shipped map, enlists the dubious help of a shipful of pirates, sets out to find the island, and her long-lost dad. She soon discovers that the Isle is the location of a secret school for executioners and torturers, where apple-cheeked youngsters are taught the finer points of extracting information from prisoners... and then putting an end to their lives in a wide variety of gruesome, yet darkly comedic, ways. A career first, Jason enlists the help of writer Fabien Vehlmann (Spirou, Green Manor), who seemlessly interiorizes Jason's deadpan style and wit.

comiXology Unlimited

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