You Suck

DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
You Suck opens with a frustrated gal named Anna, who wants nothing more than a bit of "spice" in her life. During a movie date, she makes attempts to get her current boyfriend to roll with her, but he just can't handle the pressure, and runs off. After the movie, it doesn't take long to discover where here beau wandered off to. To her surprise, she finds him engaged in outdoor sex... with a willowy succubus! Needless to say, she breaks up with him... and as bizarre as the whole experience was, this was... as they say... only the beginning. You see, the succubus ended up feeling awful about what she did, and took it upon herself to help Anna out in any way she could. The succubus who came to be known as Izobel may be a bit of a klutz, she doesn't know how or why she ended up in our world, and she speaks no earthly language, but she nonetheless proves to be pretty good at helping Anna live out whatever various perverted fantasies she has. With this, an interesting friendship forms.

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