Low Moon

Originally serialized in 2008 in the New York Times Sunday Magazine "Funny Pages" section, the title story of this collection might be the world's first (and likely last) chess western. Also included, "Emily Says Hello," is a typically deadpan Jason tale of murder, revenge and sexual domination. The wordless "&" tells two tales at once: one about a skinny guy trying to steal enough money to save his ill mother, and the other about a fat guy murderously trying to woo his true love. The two stories collide on the last page, in Jason's inimitable genre-mashing style. Also included, "Early Film Noir" can best be described as The Postman Always Rings Twice meets Groundhog Day. But starring cavemen. And finally, "You Are Here" features alien kidnappings, space travel, and the pain and confusion of family ties, culminating in an enigmatic finale that rivals Jason's greatest twists. This collection of new and previously unpublished work shows one of the world's most acclaimed graphic novelists at his funniest, wryest, and most poignant.

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