When times are strange, crimes are strange, and so are the folks who investigate them.

Supernatural Thrillers, Occult Mysteries, and Weird Crime Graphic Novels

CHEW Vol. 1

Meet Special Agent Tony Chu, a man who’s literally got a taste for mystery. The cop with the psychic mouth, Chu can pull a read off anything his tongue touches, no matter how disgusting. Tony’s got a promising career fighting food-crime ahead of him, provided he doesn’t bite off more than he can . . . well, you get the drift.


Chloe is an investigative journalist with a dead fiancé and a set of razor sharp questions for Astrid Mueller, a reclusive self-help guru/cult leader with secrets she might have killed to keep . . . assuming those secrets haven’t started killing for themselves. Like solving a jigsaw puzzle in the dark, investigating this mystery is creepy and challenging, but deeply satisfying.


Captain Shå already thought keeping the peace in a place like the Spire—all looming towers, twisted tunnels, and dead-end alleys, peopled by racist humans and the “disposable” workers they created—was rough. With a string of murders to solve, a ruthless baroness at her back, and barbarians in the surrounding Nothinglands threatening war, she’s about to learn what rough really is.


Being fresh out of college, you might think bank robbery is out of Suzie and Jon’s league. Fortunately, while most crooks need masks, guns, and explosives to pull off a heist, the tools Suzie and Jon need are a lot simpler: orgasms. Time-freezing, toe-curling orgasms. Welcome to Sex Criminals, where all the jobs are dirty, and no one minds doing them.

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Fan favorite weird crime stories

Joe Golem: Occult Detective Vol. 1

In the Drowning City, where secrets barely outnumber ways to die, you want to know a guy like Joe Golem. A monster-hunting private eye, the only thing Joe does better than taking a beating is screwing up his personal life.

The Courtyard

Brutal murders with unresolved connections. Strange, new drugs and mysterious dealers. Fanatic fans of gibberish-slinging bands. These were the reasons the FBI sent Aldo Sax to Red Hook. Find the connections. End the weirdness. Poor Aldo had no idea; the weirdness hadn’t even started yet.

Wolf Vol. 1

Everyone in Los Angeles is chasing a dream, and paranormal detective Antoine Wolfe is no different. Except, instead of fame or celebrity, Antoine’s dream is death. And not just any death will do . . . he’s chasing his own.