When times are strange, crimes are strange, and so are the folks who investigate them.

Supernatural Thrillers, Occult Mysteries, and Weird Crime Graphic Novels

Chew - comiXology

CHEW Vol. 1

Meet Special Agent Tony Chu, a man who’s literally got a taste for mystery. The cop with the psychic mouth, Chu can pull a read off anything his tongue touches, no matter how disgusting. Tony’s got a promising career fighting food-crime ahead of him, provided he doesn’t bite off more than he can . . . well, you get the drift.

Clean Room - comiXology


Chloe is an investigative journalist with a dead fiancé and a set of razor sharp questions for Astrid Mueller, a reclusive self-help guru/cult leader with secrets she might have killed to keep . . . assuming those secrets haven’t started killing for themselves. Like solving a jigsaw puzzle in the dark, investigating this mystery is creepy and challenging, but deeply satisfying.

The Spire - comiXology


Captain Shå already thought keeping the peace in a place like the Spire—all looming towers, twisted tunnels, and dead-end alleys, peopled by racist humans and the “disposable” workers they created—was rough. With a string of murders to solve, a ruthless baroness at her back, and barbarians in the surrounding Nothinglands threatening war, she’s about to learn what rough really is.

Sex Criminals - comiXology


Being fresh out of college, you might think bank robbery is out of Suzie and Jon’s league. Fortunately, while most crooks need masks, guns, and explosives to pull off a heist, the tools Suzie and Jon need are a lot simpler: orgasms. Time-freezing, toe-curling orgasms. Welcome to Sex Criminals, where all the jobs are dirty, and no one minds doing them.

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Fan favorite weird crime stories

Joe Golem Occult Detective - comiXology

Joe Golem: Occult Detective Vol. 1

In the Drowning City, where secrets barely outnumber ways to die, you want to know a guy like Joe Golem. A monster-hunting private eye, the only thing Joe does better than taking a beating is screwing up his personal life.

The Courtyard - comiXology

The Courtyard

Brutal murders with unresolved connections. Strange, new drugs and mysterious dealers. Fanatic fans of gibberish-slinging bands. These were the reasons the FBI sent Aldo Sax to Red Hook. Find the connections. End the weirdness. Poor Aldo had no idea; the weirdness hadn’t even started yet.

Wolf - comiXology

Wolf Vol. 1

Everyone in Los Angeles is chasing a dream, and paranormal detective Antoine Wolfe is no different. Except, instead of fame or celebrity, Antoine’s dream is death. And not just any death will do . . . he’s chasing his own.