NOTE: These books may contain graphic sexuality and are intended for adult audiences.

SuBLime Manga



A clothing mix-up with Keisuke's sloppy sister has him stumbling out of gym class with one leg in a pair of pantyhose. Something about the encounter sparks an erotic fixation in his best friend, Masayuki. The further he goes in indulging his friend's particular interests, the more Keisuke begins to question his own feelings and desires. A friends-to-lovers tale told in the striking style of Scarlet Beriko!

Blue Morning Vol. 1- SuBLime


Upon his father's death, young Akihito Kuze suddenly finds himself a Viscount. A stranger to Western aristocracy, he has no choice but to trust in the guidance of his butler, Katsuragi. He longs for them to be closer, but as the years pass Katsuragi remains as distant and inscrutable as ever. Why does this man, loyal to the Kuze family name, look at Akihito with such cold eyes?

LOVE STAGE!! Vol. 1 - SuBLime


From a family of Kardashian level entertainment moguls comes youngest son Izumi Sena: a total nerd. His one foray into acting ended in tears! One person still remembers that embarrassing incident with fondness, though - world-famous hottie Ryoma Ichigo, who has been searching for the little girl he starred alongside as a child for years. Of course, he's in for a bit of a shock when he finds out that Izumi was that little girl.

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window - SuBLime


Mikado has been able to see ghosts all his life, but they still freak him out. Now that he's helping the eccentric Hiyakawa with his exorcism 'cleaning service,' the amount of scary and mysterious encounters ahead of him are sure to rise...but Hiyakawa promises him that he won't feel afraid as long as they're side by side.

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Fan Favorite SuBLime Manga

Tableau Numero 20 - SuBLime

Tableau Numero 20

In this dreamlike collection of short stories by est em, a rare painting is found and restored… only to have its beautiful subject step outside of the frame.

Ten Count Vol.1 - SuBLime

Ten Count Vol. 1

Shirotani's sessions with off-the-clock psychotherapist Kurose are helping to mitigate his severe germophobia - but he cares more about making Kurose proud than getting better for his own sake.

The Bed of My Dear King - SuBLime

The Bed of My Dear King

A cable repairman is snowed in with a reclusive artist who lives alone with his sculptures. (And other short stories by Sakae Kusama.)