Pulpy, horrific, or entirely accidental, these stories of adventure will push you to the edge of your seat and beyond!

Graphic novels about exploration and adventure!

Tomb Raider - comiXology


From the suddenly mean streets of Minnesota to the cave-riddled jungles of Hunan, things are getting complicated for Lara Croft: A secret mercenary society hell bent on attaining the mythic mushrooms of immortality have made the mistake of dragging the world’s favorite adventuress into their schemes. Unsurprisingly, it may be the last mistake they get to make.

Manifest Destiny - comiXology


Lewis and Clark by way of Lovecraft and King, this retelling of the famous mapping expedition converts history into horror story. Tasked with not only exploring the unknown western territories of America, Lewis and Clark must also meet its monsters, and rest assured there is no shortage of them to meet.

Nemo: Heart of Ice - comiXology


Following in the footsteps of her missing father, Captain Nemo travels the strange Antarctic wastes, bound for mysteries man, and maybe even woman, was not meant to know. It may be a new Nemo at the helm of a new Nautilus, but it's still the same old League of Extraordinary Gentlemen love of adventure.

Kaptara - comiXology

KAPTARA Vol. 1: Fear Not Tiny Alien

Equal parts absurd space comedy and '80s kids' barbarian cartoon, Kaptara is a wild, lunatic ride to the other side of the Quantum Pinch, where names are silly, enemies are awesome, and there's more adventure than can you shake a battlepong combat broom at. Mandatory reading for anyone who likes a side of giggles with their great sword.

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Fan Favorite Exploration and Adventure Stories

Okko: The Cycle of Water - comiXology

Okko: The Cycle of Water

When Tikku's sister, Little Carp, is abducted by pirates, there’s no one in the Pajan Empire better suited to help than the ronin Okko and his band of demon hunters. From one archipelago to the next, they navigate seas of thieves and demons in the hunt for the missing girl.

Shutter - comiXology


In a world where jackal samurai and undead butlers are the baseline that "weird" is measured against, former child-adventurer Kate is jaded, and no amount of ghost-ninja hijinks will change that. Dark family secrets about hidden siblings, on the other hand? That just might do the trick.

Spera - comiXology


On the run from a vicious queen with a taste for regicide and invasion, a pair of princesses put their friendship before borders. Spera is a dreamlike tale of escape and adventure through fantastic lands, each beautifully illustrated by the hand of a different artist.