Whether you’re hunting for conspiracies, cover-ups, or good old-fashioned covert ops, there’s something in this collection for everyone.

Conspiracies and Political Thrillers

Mayday - comiXology


On paper, the mission was easy: infiltrate the United States, neutralize the traitor-swapping Soviet security service secrets for a life of luxury in the West, and evacuate with the aid of a competent, beautiful local operative. In reality, it devolves into a blood-soaked, high-speed, bullet-riddled escape story, complete with sex, drugs, and more betrayals than a shelf of pulp spy novels.

Deep State - comiXology


When reality is sufficiently berserk enough that our craziest conspiracy theories are there to make the truth go down easier, you need agents who can be anyone, anywhere, anytime the need arises. Cunning, dangerous, and unflappable, they’re only "Men In Black" because they think it looks slimming. Meet Special Agent John Harrow; Detective Branch just did, and if she’s right, nothing will ever be the same.

Invisible Republic - comiXology


From the back alleys of the collapsing colony of Avalon to the depths of its forgotten archives, Croger Babb is chasing the white whale of his career: the secret history of Avalon’s vanished dictator Arthur McBride. A tightrope walk between political thriller and gritty procedural, IR is a compelling look at the bloodstains so often wallpapered over in the halls of power.

Letter 44 - comiXology

LETTER 44 Vol. 1

150 million miles, 43 presidents, 9 astronauts, 2 intelligent species, and 1 cover up. For Stephen Blades, the newly elected 44th President of the United States, the items on this list are the most important things in the world...or maybe any world. A tense blend of political intrigue, science fiction, and race-against-the-clock suspense, Letter 44 is a "first contact" story played out on the edge of a knife.

More conspiracies and political thrillers

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The Rinse - comiXology

Fan favorite thrillers

Nextwave - comiXology

Nextwave Vol. 1

An acronym-filled middle finger raised in the face of every bloated, overly-serious, faux-political comic readers have had to stomach for the past two decades, Nextwave is an irreverent superteam story that never forgets where its heart is.

Queen & Country - comiXology

Queen & Country Vol. 1: Operation: Broken Ground

The strong, silent (and deadly) type, Tara Chace is the classic British secret agent stereotype turned on its head with almost gymnastic skill. A headlong rush through a spycraft minefield, Q&C delivers goods most spy comics only hint at.

The Black Monday Murders - comiXology

Black Monday Murders Vol. 1

Beneath the "Bottom Line," the economy’s occult heart beats to a rhythm of ritual, murder, and mysticism no outsider can detect...except for one detective with just the right ear to hear the greatest conspiracy of them all.