From revolution to resistance, with every shade of struggle in between, these tales are here to challenge and inspire.

Get into (Good) Trouble

March: Book One - comiXology


Looking to start some "Good Trouble?" There’s no better first step than March. Congressman John Lewis’ journey from sharecropper’s son to civil rights icon is proof positive that one man’s determination can help transform a nation. The first graphic novel to win a National Book Award, March is a brutal but inspiring reminder that we can make even revolutionary change happen one step at a time.

Ms. Marvel - comiXology


Gym class? CHECK. Homework? CHECK. Defeat robot menace in time to grab Radioactive Razzleberry Squishie at Circle Q? CRUSHED IT. Meet the new Ms. Marvel, your everyday Muslim high schooler fighting to do right in her world . . . even while she’s still figuring out what "right" is. When inspiration is in short supply, Kamala’s DIY-hero spirit is something we could all use more of.

V for Vendetta - comiXology


What do you call the one who takes up arms against a totalitarian regime that keeps its people cowering under a boot heel? Terrorist? Vigilante? Hero? Turns out, he’d prefer you simply call him "V." An iconic tale of revolutionary revenge, V for Vendetta is a bold warning that no matter how many guns a government turns on its people, the ideas that unite them are bulletproof.

The Movement - comiXology


Young heroes fighting to pry power from the hands of the corrupt, the Movement are Coral City’s only real hope for justice... and between the serial killers, crooked cops, and uninvited vigilantes, getting there will be an uphill battle. With backgrounds and viewpoints as different as the neighborhoods they protect, The Movement is a candid look at how diversity can be both a source of struggle and of strength.

More Series To Inspire (Good) Trouble

Bitch Planet - comiXology
Midnighter - comiXology
Transmetropolitan - comiXology
Muhammad Ali - comiXology
Civil War - comiXology

Keep Reading…

Monstress - comiXology

Monstress Vol. 1

Hell-bent on reassembling her war-shattered memories, Maika is trouble: trouble for the plans of the tyrannical witch-nuns, their inhuman slave trade, and even the gods themselves. A fierce survivor burning her trauma as fuel, Maika’s tale explores the hazy zone between good trouble and total disaster.

The Nightly News - comiXology

The Nightly News

Tired of collusion between corrupt politicians and the irresponsible media elite, a terrorist cult called The Voice hatch a response to misleading or fake news: Murder everyone who reports it. A powerful cautionary tale of good trouble gone bad.

Americatown - comiXology


A refugee from a collapsed America, indebted to brutal traffickers, and desperately avoiding deportation, Owen Carpenter is realizing there is nothing he won’t do for his family. Welcome to Americatown: a story that makes fleeing your home hit uncomfortably close to home.