The iconic sci-fi manga Battle Angel Alita returns with new translations available exclusively from Kodansha Comics via comiXology Originals.

Battle Angel Alita is back!

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1 - comiXology


While scavenging spare parts for his cyborg clinic, Daisuke Ido discovers the head and torso of a young woman, brain intact but in stasis for centuries. With no memories of her past, the girl is given a new body and a new name: Alita. So begins one of the undisputed classics of sci-fi/action manga; this dark-future epic of self-discovery, martial arts, destiny, and karma is absolutely not to be missed!

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 2 - comiXology


In a touchingly tragic romance and coming-of-age story, Alita falls for Yugo, a human - bodied boy with obsessive dreams of leaving the dystopian Scrapyard behind him. But can Alita, rediscovering herself through violent bounty hunting in a powerful cyborg body built for combat, find a way to express the intensity of her feelings without tearing Yugo to pieces? And can Yugo see past his obsessions before they destroy him?

Battle Angel Alita Vol. 3 - comiXology


After Alita disappears alone in despair, Ido searches distant sectors of the Scrapyard for any sign of his wayward surrogate-daughter. A month into his search, Ido attends a sporting event and sees Alita on the track, losing herself in the violence and competition of a combat-racing game known as Motorball. Fast-paced action abounds as Alita advances the ranks of Motorball and Ido conspires to bring his daughter back home.

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