A collection of comics to make your cheeks flush, your knees weak, and your heart flutter.

Love Stories

Saga of the Swamp Thing - comiXology


A story for anyone who has ever had to hold hands in the shadows, keep a kiss a secret, or carry their love quietly for fear of what others will think, the relationship between Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane is a beautiful tale of honesty, passion, and a love that transcends boundaries ... even the boundaries between animal and plant.

Fresh Romance Vol. 1 - comiXology


Whether your taste in romance runs to lighthearted mystic trysts, alienated affections, or emotionally stunted extraterrestrials playing cupid, Fresh Romance has something up its sleeve for you. Wildly varied tales told and illustrated by a host of talented creators, these five stories should be enough to warm even the coldest comic reader’s heart.

Cyberforce - comiXology Unlimited


Callie has been brokenhearted her entire life: literally and figuratively. When a lifesaving transplant seems to bring an echo of the donor’s outlaw personality with it, Callie finds herself deep in a Bonnie-and-Clyde love affair with the dead man in her chest. Robberies, car chases, and heists-gone-wrong later, Callie begins to wonder: is loving yourself always such a good idea?

Cyberforce - comiXology Unlimited


A twisted sweetheart of a tale, Oaf has something for everyone, provided the something you're looking for is love, music, kink, crazed cat antics, or sociopathic ex-boyfriends. From a past life as a devil-themed pro-wrestler to a career as a maker of dolls stuffed with his own odoriferous body hair, Oaf exemplifies the three 'W's: weird, warmhearted, and you guessed it, wuvable.

More Stories of Love and Romance

Archie Vol. 1 - comiXology
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Saga Vol. 1 - comiXology
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Fan Favorite Love Stories

Angela Queen of Hel - comiXology

Angela Queen of Hel

For a love forged in Heven and tested in the depths of Hel, there is nothing Angela won't do to keep her love Sera safe ... except maybe a trip to Ikea. Journey to the Funderworld is a sleek, sexy, violence-filled romp through the Asgardian underworld and beyond.

Alex + Ada - comiXology

Alex + Ada

Equal parts clever AI awakening tale and awkward love story, Alex + Ada is an artful exploration of what it means for a person to love and be loved, and maybe more important, what it means for a person to be a person at all.

Maggie the Mechanic - comiXology

Maggie the Mechanic: The Love & Rockets Library - Locas Book 1

Thirty-plus years of cute crushes, sexual tensions, and surreal adventures, this L & R collection is a fantastic launch point into a sometimes dense, sometimes crazy, always poignant career’s worth of punk rock storytelling.