Captain America Digital Comics

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The Winter Soldier - Part 1

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting redefine Captain
America in their first story arc! Steve Rogers,
still haunted by his past, is confronted with an
unthinkable menace.

The Winter Soldier - Part 2

The questions plaguing Captain America's dreams
and memories have been answered in the most
brutal way possible when he faces off against the
ruthless Winter Soldier. Could this cold war assassin
possibly be his long dead sidekick Bucky Barnes?

Captain America: Masterworks

Revisit the earliest adventures of Captain America,
The First Avenger! Return to the Golden Age of
comics as Cap and Bucky come face to face with the
Red Skull, the Ringmaster of Death, and more!

Captain America Essentials

Fan Favorites

Operation Rebirth

The world again believes Captain America
dead, but his life is saved by one he himself
thought lost forever: S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
Sharon Carter.

Civil War

Captain America has fallen into a clash with
his government and his friends, and the
people close to him are paying the price.

Death of Captain America

Captain America lies dead. As repercussions
ripple outward, the Winter Soldier finally
chooses a side - his own.

Spotlight on Black Widow and the Winter Soldier