Zone Lords

NASA, DEMONS THE 80s AND PUNK ROCK IT'S NOT ANOTHER APOCALYPSE STORY... It totally is, but this one is rad. So get this, I was drunk and eating pizza alone, (it's fine) when I accidentally googled something due to pizza grease on my iPhone screen and found an article about Edgar Whisenant. Edgar was a real dude who wrote a book about how the world would end via rapturing in 1988, he was a NASA engineer, I know, it's pretty crazy. So I wrote Zone Lords, which depicts what happens after said rapture in a psychedelic Trapper Keeper looking, 80s world straight out of an 80s vector graphic video game. In Zone Lords Edgar is still BS crazy, still believes he's going to be the savior of mankind, and is still a pretty good engineer, because he built these things called "Arks" which can make zones that are untouched by the rapture. Other stuff is effed up too. Demons are no longer able to hang in Hell so they get out of there in a mass exodus through the forced and unstable possessing of unsuspecting human victims. That doesn't go very well, and it totally sucks for everyone, so the smarter, older ones try to co-exist with humans who are not a part of Edgar's flock that are holed up in a zone that used to be LA. These folks call themselves Heathens and are pretty badass. To make things even more rad and immersive, the Zone Lords series is complimented by (like beer to pizza) an exclusive retro, synthwave, scifi, playlist. Issue 1 features an epic jam by Dance With the Dead! and if I could, I would make the print issue smell like that blue foam that would come in computer game packaging in the 80s.