Zombie Terrors, Vol. 1

Asylum Press brings you a giant flesh rotting collection of all-new zombie tales. Featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Szymon Kudranski (Spawn) brings us 'The Barber', a tale of the undead and the Mob. In 'Creature Converts', a cat lady's feline friends develop a taste for the flesh. In 'Feast', a gangster's taste for a delicacy becomes his end. In 'Hate', a zombie must confront what he's become. Billy George brings us 'The Undead Templars', a tale of the blind dead. In 'The Jiang Shi', we get a taste of Asian zombies, and Robert S. Rhine and Frank Forte deliver 'Zombie Brain Feast'. Other tales include 'Bond', 'Dead of Night', and 'Desert Church' - over 15 flesh-eating tales to shock and horrify - plus an all-new tale by horror master Tim Vigil!

Collected Editions