Zombie B.C.

This is the first of a three part series that will show a zombie outbreak in the past, present, and future. Issue one focuses on the struggles our early ancestors faced during a zombie outbreak in the prehistoric era. A lone hunter is hunting in a land where his tribe does not venture. His yield is plentiful, but he finds more than just food in his adventure. A mysterious figure approaches him at night and rudely takes a bite out him. This is how it all begins. Issue 2 should be out by Fall 2014 and will focus in the present time and show us how the outbreak from the past comes to modern times. This issue will be seen through the eyes of a German Shepherd K9 using his animal instincts and natural strengths to survive. The 3rd issue will take place in the future. I'm leaning toward a world like The Road / Mad Max world or an Alien Abduction gone wrong. Still undecided for issue 3.