Yuki vs Panda Vol. 1

Welcome to the twisted journey of Japanese schoolgirl Yuki and her Panda nemesis.

Yuki Lee is your average everyday martial arts prodigy with mystical powers. Despite her awesome skills and fantastic strength, all she really wants to be is...well, normal.

This is something her grandfather and instructor Master Lee neither understands nor condones (after all he's trained Yuki to be a fighter all her life, not some perfumed "girly-girl.") But as teenagers tend to do, Yuki starts a subtle rebellion against her rigid and structured life and begins to dabble into the world of shiny lip gloss and boy bands.

All is not as it seems however, for an evil omen is in the air and unbeknownst to Yuki, a mysterious figure from her past is about to make his presence known... like BIG time. If you haven't guessed by now it's a giant panda bear named Panda. He has returned to exact sweet sweet ice-cold revenge.

Volume 1 will introduce us to our many main characters and set the stage for Volume 2: THE CONFRONTATION!