Your Highness

Danny McBride writes the prequel to Your Highness, the upcoming blockbuster from Universal! Prince Fabious is the pride of his kingdomhis exploits are the stuff of legend. To keep the kingdom of Mourne safe from the vicious wizard Leezar's minions, he will have to slay a rampaging Cyclops, which has already destroyed a village! In the meantime, Prince Thadeous, Fabious's brother and royal embarrassment, embarks on a diplomatic mission to the Dwarf Kingdom. All he needs to secure peace with the dwarves is to obtain a simple signature. But when Thadeous decides to partake in the Dwarf Kingdom's kind herb and show them who the life of the party is, he may be the spark that sets off a warand its first casualty! These stories lead directly up to the events at the beginning of Your Highness, the movie! From the extraordinarily funny minds of Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down) and Jeff Fradley (The Foot Fist Way)!