X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic - Book Four

Collects Fantastic Four #416, X-Men (1991) #56-57, Onslaught: Marvel Universe, Cable (1993) #36, Uncanny X-Men #337, Onslaught Epilogue, X-Men: Road to Onslaught.

The final onslaught is ON! Mutantdom's mightiest telepaths are forced to turn on one of their own, because Professor X's evil side won't stand for any more repression! The world's greatest hero teams gird for battle against one of their deadliest enemies, and when the smoke clears, not only will some of them not still be standing, they won't be there at all! The X-Men are left to take the blame for over a dozen dynamic disappearances, leading the man called Bastion to lay the groundwork for their NEXT crisis! But even if Onslaught is purged from this world, can a reborn world say the same? Guest appearances galore, plus step-by-step details on where the turning point of the 1990s began and ended!
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