"The time has come for another one of us to leave the Circle..." That's what she said, as if it were nothing. But only one other Cadabran has ever left the forest before. For Cadabrans, a small collection of humans raised deep in the woods by elves and taught some of their magic, the human world that exists outside of the forest is as mysterious and threatening to them as the rest of their kind would find the enchanted, troll, pixie and beast infested woods to be. But there is a new enemy to enter Cadabra- goblins; seven of which represent an ancient evil. The goblins are growing in number and power. In fear, the Cadabrans agree to send one member of their circle out of the woods to search for answers regarding the goblin's motives and weaknesses. They select Rowen of Autumn Fire. Rowen never asked for much in life. Enjoying the simple things and keeping to himself, he never connected much with the other Cadabrans. So the fact that they chose him to ostracize with this mission shouldn't have come as a surprise, though the weight of this daunting task has Rowen floored. He cannot even imagine what his future holds in store. A job in the harbor village of Grayven, an angry ice demoness for a landlady, a ghost for a roommate, a debt to a mischievous pixie and a price on his head issued by the Mayor of Grayven himself are all distractions Rowen must work through to find the answers he is searching for. Who can he trust, and who is trying to trick him in this strange new world? Rowen must sort friend from foe and learn to trust himself if he is to survive this ordeal. When he comes to the realization that there is more at stake than just his family back in Cadabra, will Rowen step up and become the hero everybody expects him to be?