Winter City: Every Sin Has a Price

Winter City chronicles the childhood and adolescent years of an abandoned, abused and lonely boy named Sam Winters. During a pronged encounter with a religious cult, Sam Winters' traumatic life experiences manifest as a severe psychological disorder; a split personality. Sam develops a twisted and vengeful dark side that claims itself to be one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. As the tragic life story of Sam Winters unfolds in the past, the reader will bare witness to the resulting events as they develop in the present; the harrowing ramifications of Sam's upbringing combined with unimaginable personal tragedy. The sad and innocent child lost and in his place, the most terrifying serial killer the world has ever known; The Winter City Reaper. Homicide detectives Marshal Daniels and Janet Harvey are tasked with identifying and arresting the Winter City Grim Reaper. What begins as a seemingly straight forward murder case quickly escalates into series of brutal assassinations executed by an unstoppable killer without fear or remorse.

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