Brimstone has had numerous successful entertainment careers spanning well over three decades boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, author, philanthropist, food critic and comic book hero. As co-founder, President and CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group), Brimstone and his team of creators launched his comic series, Brimstone and The Borderhounds in October 2010 at Borders Books and went worldwide via Barnes and Noble and as of January 2011. The Borderhounds brand has since expanded with a variety of products including the Border-Pups children's book series, coloring books, plush toys, and Animated Series. Hound Entertainment has also expanded aggressively since 2012. In addition to publishing over 30 different creator-owned projects between Hound Comics, Hound Publishing and Hound Kids brands, is currently involved in licensing partnerships with Eastsport Backpacks, Troll Lord Games, CaJohn's Fiery Foods, The Jerky Connection, Demeter Fragrances, 3 Coconut Monkey, Dragon Song Forge, Serenity Custom Drums, ButterWinks Cookies and others and is endorsed by Worldwide Feather Tribe, INOX Jewelry, Bulky Boy Brand Clothing, Monster Energy, Yelp, CoKreeate and Club Fit 24/7. Brimstone also stars as the host of Food Hound Tidbits, a web-based celebrity food show filmed on tour at pop culture conventions around the country. On top of his grueling schedule, Brimstone is a celebrity spokesperson for the Project Meridian Foundation, Stan Lee Foundation, Jaime Isaacs Foundation and RADD. Brim claims that the cherry on top of his successes is the signature drink, The Brimstone Red, created for him by the Jack Daniel's Distillery, the use of Brimstone related products on The Big Bang Theory, recognition of his philanthropy on MSNBC, being drafted as a Special Forces Commander for the Zombie Survival Crew alongside Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus, and the spotlight on himself and Hound via the legendary Stan Lee's official website.