Bill Hughes, also known as Will Hughes, is a comicbook artist, screenwriter and award-winning Indy film producer. Soe of his first major efforts were as the penciller for Dark Hors Comics' Star Wars Droids series. That lead to Bill becoming the artist of note for the Star Wars Essential Guide to Droids and Star Wars Essential Chronology books for Del Ray. Bill also did pencils and inks on several other Star Wars books including the rare Star Wars Mixed Up Droid for Time Life and Shadows of the Empire, Micro Machines mini-comics for Galoob Toys. As Will Hughes, he also produced several original titles including Addam Omega, Voyages of the SheBuccaneer and Matt Mercury. His feature film credits include The Color of Blood and Matt Mercury, Plot of the Galactic Mastermind. You can see more of Bill's work on and