Wild Kingdom

"The new master of comics experimentalism returns with his everyman Glenn Ganges Standing out amongst his contemporaries, Kevin Huizenga is the leading cartoonist of his generation; his subtle mastery of the medium has earned him countless accolades and awards. Huizenga's comics are at once straightforward and experimental, serious and funny. His character is the suburban everyman Glenn Glanges, a modern-day Dagwood Bumstead who tackles and stumbles with such heady topics as mysticism and science. In The Wild Kingdom, Glenn Ganges blindly interacts with the nature of his suburban neighborhood: dead house plants, a recipe for grey squirrel brain, and pigeons eating discarded french fries in the parking lot of a fast food joint. Huizenga juxtaposes Glenn's ignorance of his surroundings with television commercials highlighting society's needs for cure-all pharmaceuticals and ""hot new things"" like teeth whiteners. Starting off wordless, The Wild Kingdom grows more complex page by page, ending with encyclopedic entries, biographical excerpts, anthropologic flowcharts, and a cataclysmic encounter of nature and technology."

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