Who's Who in the Aw Yeah Comics Universe

AW YEAH! Ever wonder who's who in the AW YEAH COMIC Universe? Now is your chance to find out! How do these characters know each other? How do they know Action Cat? What world are they from? What is their first appearance? Are they friends...or foes? You will find the answers in the digital pages of this companion piece of AW YEAH COMICS awesomeness! AW YEAH ENCYCLOPEDIA! Featuring characters created by AW YEAH COMICS creators...Art Baltazar, Franco, Scoot McMahon, Marc "Brother Bear" Hammond, Chris "Zod" Smits, Jimmy the Muscle, Audrey Baltazar, Gordon Baltazar, and others! Featuring an AW YEAH COMICS UNIVERSE MAP, designed by David Wolfgang von Ehrlicher, and 20 pages with 40 plus character entries! From Action Cat to Cray Babies to Wolf Boy to Grimmiss Island, your journey can now be complete! AW YEAH!