Whispers In Necropolis #1

Unearth the ghostly secrets contained in the twisted and macabre tales of Grimsmont City and its devious residents

Each book consists of four unique and twisted horror stories, hosted by the ghostly "Storyteller", and one pinup poster.

You are greeted by The Storyteller. You accept her invitation into Grimsmont City. Your first stop is Mr. Townsons Pizza & Games.

Chapter 1 - Mr Townsons Pizza & Games : An emotionally beaten down young Mitch is quickly moving his way up the ranks at this once failing family restaurant thanks to a new pizza topping made of his own secret recipe. The flesh of belligerent customers.

Chapter 2 - Lili: The Demoness: Follow The Demoness Lili Ardat, one of the fallen angels cast out with The Angel Lucifer after losing the "Great War" with the divine, and Madame Grace Cervantes, psychic extraordinaire, on their battles with damned souls and demonic entities in hopes to gain absolution for Lili so that she may one day re-enter the kingdom of heaven.

Chapter 3 - The Ballad of Crying Jack: Broken and bruised twelve year old Brandon Little is given a special chant by social worker Isabella Luna that calls on Crying Jack. A vengeful spirit of a murdered boy to punish Brandon's physically abusive father.

Chapter 4 - Lechuza: At 14 years old Frankie Martinez idolized his 17 year old hoodlum cousin DD and his friends. The group encounters the legendary Lechuza. From Mexican folklore this being is said to be a flesh eating witch that is half woman & half owl. The creature stalks the gang of teenagers picking them off one by one.