Weirdworld: The Dragonmaster Of Klarn

Collects material from Epic Illustrated #9 and #11-13 and Marvel Super Action (1976) #1. An Epic quest! There’s nowhere weirder than Weirdworld — just ask elves Tyndall and Velanna and their dwarf ally Mud-Butt! When a powerful wizard turns the trio’s lives upside down, the troubled troupe is forced to undertake another deadly quest — in search of the magic blade known as the Glorywand! Goblins, dragons and the undead lie in wait as their journey across Weirdworld begins — but who is the Dragonmaster of Klarn? Plus: Relive Weirdworld’s debut and Tyndall’s fateful first meeting with Velanna when the out-worlder elf reluctantly undertakes a deadly mission to track down — and eliminate — the very heart of evil!

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