WEIRDSVILLE! What do you get when you take a big city kid and move him to a small town? That's right! Floating cows, talking snakes and UFO sightings! Tommy is an ordinary kid that may be a bit too smart for his own good. He's been uprooted from the life he knew to this town in the middle nowhere...and he does not like it! Would you? This place is weird! The local yokels are weird! Trying to cross the street is weird! Trying to buy milk is weird. The lactose intolerant old man with the beard is weird! With all of this happening, you would think that the people are the weirdest thing about Weirdsville... but that would be wrong! Not even the talking reptile is the MOST-weird-thing in Weirdsville. Watch out! Weird things are about to happen! You are about to embark on the weirdest adventure indeed. Originally Published by BLIND WOLF STUDIOS in the independent self-publishing days of Franco Aureliani! Better known these days as FRANCO! Before the days of TINY TITANS, Itty Bitty HELLBOY, and AW YEAH COMICS, were the WEIRDSVILLE tales of Tommy and Monty! Join us for this historical digital retro fun! AW YEAH!