Weirdsville #13

Ah! Nothing better than relaxing on a Saturday afternoon Binge-watching your favorite TV show. No one to bother you... except for the TV GUY! That's right! The evil TV Guy may be watching you as you watch your favorite shows. And I don't think he likes what he sees! If you are not careful, he may just transport you into one of HIS favorite tv shows! You never know, with a click of the channel, you may find yourself in the old west, or in a wrestling match, or even on a tabloid TV show ready to learn who the real father is! WHAT?! Get me out of here! What? Oh, that's right. This is WEIRDSVILLE. And just about anything can happen in Weirdsville... as Tommy, Monte, and Zom-Boy are about to find out. Originally published in 2001. This comic will be an instant classic. AW YEAH!