Weirdsville #11

...and now THE CRAY BABIES from Another Universe!

The stories so far....

WEIRDSVILLE: Tommy and Monty have met... sidewalk challenged farmers, FBI Agents, flying cows, talking cows, a homing device pigeon disguised as a penguin, the seven little coins of DOOM, The Wedgie Werewolf, SHI, and Bru-Hed. They hung out at the Nexus Bar-N-Grill, a laundromat/courtroom, and a large crater (created by agitated aliens) which now serves as a swimming pool.

CRAY BABIES: A time of crisis seems to come to an end, as the Crays make peace with the Gwash Monsters. They continued their quest to free the Land of YAHGZ from the threat of the evil Gelatinous Cue. Our heroes, Crayski, Cray-Fu, The Weezerd, and Craybi Craynobi, vow to protect he Cray Universe from any evil onslaught that may come their way.

The year was 1998. Famous Cartoonist Art Baltazar and Franco met for the very first time. Upon meeting and reading each other's comic creations, a team-up crossover soon developed. The WEIRDSVILLE/CRAY BABY Crossover! This issue celebrates the very first time Art and Franco made a comic together! A Team-Up of galactic proportions! So epic, this comic was originally sponsored by ANOTHER UNIVERSE and began the boys' partnership on the convention circuit. More than just a crossover, WEIRDSVILLE/CRAY BABY is a moment in Comic History.