We are the Dead

We are the Dead is a new horror comic in the tradition of 1950's EC and 1970's Weird War Tales by Bob Stearns and David Gein. The story follows Private Sumner, a British solider battling the German forces in the swampy bogs of Belgium during WW1, and his terrifying tale of otherworldly horrors. The Germans have a new weapon; however this weapon is not an invention of man. No, the horrors the Germans have in store for the allies comes not from the minds of men, but something much older and far more destructive. The German Offensive has enlisted ancient gods from an untold dimension with no allegiance to either side, and a swath of death and destruction is sure to follow. They say "War is Hell" ...but Sumner will discover there are fates far worse than the tortures of the damned.

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