War of the Nine Gods #1

In a forsaken age, gods walked among men. From the heavens they brought forbidden knowledge
and divine power. They were known as the Nine Creator Gods - the Nine Headed Serpent, who shaped
our world into their image. Their power seemed limitless - corrupting both flesh and earth. Multitudes
worshiped them, others cursed them as abominations - but all feared them.
Then came the great war, when the world was full of violence and death continually. The want of
power fractured the Nine, and the heads of the serpent turned to devour one another. They and their
legions waged a brutal and terrible war across the land, until a third of all living things was
destroyed. The conflict shook the earth and seemed to have no end.
But an end did come, and the Nine suddenly, mysteriously, were gone. They left all those who
remained to their own fate, and for a time, all the living felt lost.
Now, hundreds of years later, the dark gods are about to awaken, and once again bring war to the
Action/Adventure Fantasy Original Series Supernatural/Occult
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July 9 2014

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