What's a band of brothers to do when one of them is a sister?

In the frosty North, the Snow Elves have fallen on hard times. They're forced to raid for resources, and that means forming small elite groups of warriors to hunt, scavenge and plunder.

Times are so hard that they're forced to send out just about any able-bodied youngling that can handle a sword or a spell-- and now the Berserker warband finds themselves under the command of a woman. An uncommon occurrence, but not a terrible one... unless the leader in question is a brash, impulsive young lady with a lot to prove.

First impressions always being the strongest, will the abrasive wizard ever learn to like the impish rogue? Will the too-serious shaman ever stop complaining? Will the paladin ever stop blushing? Will they all learn to cope with their new leader?

Find out, in: WARBAND!