Viking Queen

The tale of Elgven, Queen of Svellvollir, and her battle to keep the kingdom from being overrun by Ovaria, Bringer of Chaos. Elgven has a loyal war band, a big axe, and having a Frost Giant mother in her favor. At least that's what people say: the blue hair and prodigious height make it seem pretty believable. As for Ovaria, all she's got is an insidious mind, dark sorcery, and a growing horde of berserkers on her side. After rescuing a fleeing prisoner from a pack of Ovaria's killers, Elgven learns that the Bringer of Chaos is bringing it right to her doorstep. It seems Ovaria has a personal score to settle with the Viking Queen. That strikes her as odd, since they've never met. Still, Elgven isn't one to back down from a fight, so she hatches a plan to bring her face-to-face with the enemy and end the threat to Svellvollir and Norveg by depriving the berserkers of their leader (and Ovaria of her head).