Vast Expanse #2

Four stories: A gothic mystery during community theatre tryouts. An battle between man and beast on an alien world. An audience deals with a mind-boggling twist during a strange play. And a crime caper set during Benny Goodman's famous 1938 concert at Carnegie Hall...

VAST EXPANSE #2 is an all-genre anthology with the following four stories:

This issue begins with a nod to the gothic suspense paperbacks of the 1960s and 1970s. In A SHADOW IN THE STEEPLE, a shy newcomer to town spies a mysterious figure haunting the tryouts for a community play.

The second story in this issue is set in the twisted forest of an unnamed planet. In FRUIT OF THE BRAIDTREE, an alien tribal healer seeks solace in the woods but finds danger instead.

In THE AUDIENCE PERFORMS, people from all walks of life gather at the Janus Theatre to witness a one-night-only performance of a peculiarly avant-garde play.

Finally, there's JODY ASH IS YOUR GAL, an action tale set in the 1930s about a tough daredevil-for-hire who attempts to prevent the murder of a young socialite outside Carnegie Hall.

VAST EXPANSE #1 is a 24-page, black and white comic book with full-color front and back covers.
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