Undertow Vol. 6

Three stories in 40 pages including:
THE ORGAN-GRINDER pt. 6 -- After witnessing another side of the entity haunting the Organ, Jeremiah receives some unexpected help. Moses retrieves the OG's revolver, but discovers a bloody trail where he last saw his partner. Whose blood could it be? He's the monkey to find out.
FACELESS pt. 2 -- "Faceless" returns with new artist David Cutler. Officer Glassman is put on temporary leave and returns home from the hospital, but can't shake the feeling he's caught up in something sinister. Needing time to think, he takes his wife and daughter to their cottage in the woods. They don't get far before Glassman realizes it's going to take more than a vacation to get away.
THE REPLACEMENT pt. 1 -- New story from creative team Fred Kennedy and Ryan Howe. A young woman with a unique skill wages a personal war on the crime lords of her city. She's does beat-downs and IED's with style, but shady characters from her past are watching, and they've got plans of their own.