Undertow Vol. 2

Two stories in 31 pages of story including:
THE FORGETTING pt. 1 -- A man with a mysterious and ancient past lies down to sleep and forget everything he knows about himself in a vain attempt to deal with his seemingly endless existence. Through a strange turn of events his renewal is rudely interrupted as he discovers there are others in the world connected to him: immortal siblings who are now drawn together to usher in a new age, and possibly find an end to their existence.
THE ORGAN-GRINDER pt. 2 -- One-armed Jeremiah McAlester and his partner, Moses the monkey, suffer the repercussions of their actions in part one as the outlaw gang of Innocents retaliate and attack them in their home on the outskirts of Rioda. In the battle that ensues we discover more of the mystery of the Organ, and also the origins of the outlaw gang.