Undertow Vol. 1

Four stories in 32 pages including:
FACELESS pt. 1 -- High-speed pursuit turns bizarre when a police officer unwittingly interferes in an escape attempt by a man running from something that they don't train for at the academy.
DISTANT COMPANIONS -- A being half human and half insect comes to terms with his long life as he watches the insect beings around him die, and seeks companionship in the most unexpected of places.
TALES FROM A DRUNKEN SOLDIER -- An Army patrol sets camp in the jungle, and the soldier on watch has the strangest encounter of his young life.
THE ORGAN-GRINDER pt. 1 -- One-armed Jeremiah McAlester and his parter, Moses the monkey, arrive in the western Montana mining town of Rioda, and find themselves in the middle of a struggle between the townspeople and a gang of road agents that have overwhelmed the area.