Tundra: Nature's Favorite Comic Strip

From the vast frozen wilderness of Alaska, Chad Carpenter brings Tundra. The National Cartoonists Society named Tundra as the Best Newspaper Panel Cartoon of the Year in 2007. These are award-winning cartoons from a naturally wonderful place. A tour guide might overlook some of the more quirky aspects of Alaska, but Carpenter sees it in a completely different light (even if that light only shows itself part of the year). Carpenter gives nature's residents, the furry and the not-so-furry, full attention. He also gives them voices that can bring a tear of laughter to the eye. Tundra is full of talking snowmen, inept hunters, obsessed fishermen, and inviting wildlife looking for their next meal. It's also packed with an abundance of hilarity. Tundra: Nature's Favorite Comic Strip features a "best of" collection with 560 cartoons from over 16 years of syndication.

Collected Editions