Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders #2

Out Of The Attic Two
Hello Teddy Bear Fans! Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders are back with their second comic book anthology adventure - Out Of The Attic #2. This 32-page full-color Teddy Bear Adventure Comic continues all the Cuddly Defenders stories from the FIRST ISSUE of Out Of The Attic, as our Heroes continue to thwart to dastardly plans of the Boogeyman.

The ISSUE TWO contains FIVE NEW Comic/Illustrated stories that expand the adventures of everyone's favorite Cuddly Defender Creative Team of Nick Davis, Dan Nokes, Keir Knikia Lyles, Scott Markley, Jeana Byrd-Davis, Veronica Smith and Josh Lyman.

The Stories
Strange Lands by Nick Davis, Art Dan Nokes - sucked through the crack in the Great Reality Wall. Tristan the Teddy Bear finds himself in a strange place as he chases the Blue Skin Shaman Ex Cearula through an oddly familiar landscape
A Long Tall Tail by Jeana Byrd-Davis, Art Veronica Smith - How did Wilma and Fernando first met? Shocking origins, high adventures and more are explored in this wacky little tale that is full of heart.
Forrest & Scout by Scott Markley, Art Keir Knikia Lyles - Our clueless heroes start their quest to find their girls lost toys, on the shores of the ball pit sea in the Hunt for Red November.
The Menace of Mech-A-Nor by Dan Nokes - Driven from their homes by the rampaging Mech-A-Nor, the residents of Second Chance turn to the most reluctant of Cuddly Defenders Fernando the Mouse Lion to help them,
Helping Hand by Nick Davis, Art Keir Knikia Lyles - Artie the Teddy Bear is really not having a good night as he tries to keep his child's secret treasure box safe from a mysterious menace.