Treasures of the Deep Slumber

Seconds after Brandon Conners nearly perishes in a head-on car wreck, he awakes to a world that is not his own and isn't the afterlife. With the ink still wet on his high school diploma, Brandon is told he could be the long-awaited savior meant to collect the seven treasures of Tarsus, and bring peace to a world threatened by the maniacal pirate, Captain Jameson DeVille... Whose lust for blood is only matched by his obsession for the Seven Treasures. Desperate to survive in wonder at the new world around him, while trying to build an appreciation for Decaworm Soup... Brandon embarks on a journey that takes him to the Tarsus Seas. Is Brandon the savior written about in the prophecy? Or could he be inadvertently helping the menacing Captain DeVille bring Tarsus to ruin?