This Sickness Vol. 8

The first issue in 5 years, but more than enough in this volume to make it worth the wait! This issue is stuffed with 100 pages of comics, paintings, prose, poetry and illustrations from 8 creators!


Almost 60 pages of new comics & art from John Linton Roberson, including the latest LULU, the first appearance since 2001 of UNCLE CYRUS, and the debut of the new satirical series SUZY SPREADWELL, as well as his acclaimed graphic version of the Billie Holiday classic "Strange Fruit" from GRAPHIC CANON 3, and illustrations for new writing from CHARLES ALVERSON (Story of Oh, Jabberwocky) and CHRIS DEWILDT!

26 pages of the brain-twisting paintings of the brilliant EMILY KAPLAN, the first collection of her work!

New poetry from CHAD PARENTEAU with illustrations from newcomer GIANNA RATTO!

A beautiful new cover by MOLLY KIELY!

And other surprises!

An astoundingly diverse collection mashing together many arts, check out the most gorgeous anthology of 2016 now!

"Liked every damn thing in it--and that doesn't happen often." -Jamie