Think of the Children

COMICS MAKE KIDS EVIL! That's a fact. Or at least it was in 1954, when the United States Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency convened. As a result of these hearings, comic book publishers feared government regulation and formed their own self-regulatory body that created the Comics Code Authority, bowdlerizing comics of everything from violence to divorce. For 57 years this code affected comics publishing in one form or another. In late January of 2011, DC Comics and Archie Comics (the last surviving members of the original pact) both decided to drop the Comics Code from their products. Comics are free to make kids evil again and the world will never be the same. THINK OF THE CHILDREN is a 24-page, one-shot, satirical horror comic about the events leading to the original Comics Code Authority. The members of the Senate Subcommittee are secret monster hunters, seeking to destroy evil children, who they believe are corrupted by the stories of EC Comics.