The World is Full of Cheating Boyfriends

DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
All Adachi wants in life is to win the heart of the man he loves, Kuga. Where Adachi is sensitive and confused, Kuga is arrogant and self-assured. To Kuga, Adachi is nothing more than a toy to play with when he is bored. Yet, when a man from Adachi’s past appears, Kuga becomes jealous and threatens anyone who dares to take his toy from him. Will Adachi stand strong in his desire for Kuga, or will the man from his past bring out his weakness for acceptance and love? Will Kuga admit that maybe Adachi isn’t just a plaything to him, but something more?-----------Translated by Angelique Millard Devereaux & Lea Hisatake; Edited by Channon A. Dishman-Flores & Jennifer Zahorchak; Lettered by Hailey Phelan & Ana Vegara

Graphic Novels