The Wolf, Vol. 1

It's the first day of Summer break, and high school physics teacher Graston Wolf (lovingly dubbed 'The Wolf' by his students) is on a plane bound for Nakala*, the country where his wealthy sister resides. Upon his arrival, his limo drivers attempt to kill him inside the car. Being the first time his life has ever been threatened, the timid, chubby, middle-aged Wolf suddenly discovers an uncanny gift to strategize the outcome of a bad situation ten moves ahead in his mind; weaponizing the everyday objects around him and using his brilliant mind of physics and keen observation to his winning advantage. His newly discovered skill set comes just in time as wave upon wave of thugs, assassins and even corrupt officials accost him at every turn. Some want to kill him, some just want to extract 'the information' supposedly in his head, and occasionally some step in to lend him aid. Is he simply the victim of mistaken identity or is there more to to the story than meets the eye?