The Weirdos, Vol. 1: From Sand, To Glass

Kind of a story about superheroes. Absolutely a story about people with problems who have potential. Ashley Maypole is an alcoholic comic book writer who will do anything to get his spark back, which explains why he dresses up like his fictional character to fight crime and save days. Freelance photographer Axis Coire wakes up from a deep depression as a literal stick figure with unexplainable powers. Marine biologist Moe Crawford is bitten by a blue-ringed octopus that gives him awesome abilities and helps him fight his newly discovered cancer. And Das is just a deep space bartender with a bad childhood and worse anger issues. As if by fate, these four meet at Lake Mary, a rehab facility that hasn't met a problem it couldn't solve. There, they band together and face the terrible Green Wolf, with his possessive machinations. This is a story about our struggles, and our suffering -- and this is a story about how our connections to one another is the way we weather them.

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