The Wednesday Conspiracy

This is an action-packed series about a group of young people, who           meet every Wednesday under Dr. Richard's supervision. Richard is a           psychiatrist who works selflessly with this group on areas of self-           help. These sessions are very similar to AA meetings. However, no one           here is fighting an addiction. These people work on controlling their           paranormal abilities, in an effort to learn how to live with them.           One of them, Brian, is pyrokinetic. He can start a fire from a           distance. The fact that he cannot keep his ability under control           understandably causes huge problems for him and those around him.           Roger is a paragnostic who can read other people's minds. He can’t           help intruding into other people's heads. This strange ability makes           him very uncomfortable when he travels by train or by subway, as his           mind gets flooded with other people's thoughts. Everyone in this           group has a unique problem that is ruining his or her everyday life.           These self-help sessions have been going on for years in a rather           calm atmosphere, until the day they learn of the secret society known           as “Encrucijada,” which threatens to jeopardize their interests – and           their lives.

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