The Watchers, Vol. 1: The Unicorn

When mankind is threatened by extinction as huge meteorites head for Earth, the World's superpowers decide to act swiftly and launch nuclear missiles to avert the threat. Life as we know it would be saved, however, something has changed. Sightings of mythical creatures - Cryptids - are being reported all over the world. Soon the Loch Ness monster is found dead. A week later Bigfoot is tracked down and found shot dead. Hunters and poachers the world over have new trophies to seek out, and these creatures are now on the run. What remains unknown to most and is a very well kept secret is that these animals and creatures have always been living among us, but were kept out of sight and protected by a secret group of anti poachers called "The Watchers". Join "The Watchers" as they try to figure out what is going on and how they can protect the Cryptids.

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