The Ultimate 7 #2

Phantom Starfighters
In the timeless expanse of the universe, there are two constants that exist, Good and Evil, and Life and Death, both conducting their endless symphony throughout space, as it has always been since time began.
Life and death struggles, whether they be born from nature, or caused by the maliciousness of war, are but a test issued to all beings, making and labeling us all heroes, villains, and cowards... Linking everyone in a desperate battle for survival.
In the year 3020, on a remote outpost orbiting mars, such a battle is about to begin against an overwhelming, opposing force, possessing advanced alien weaponry. The occupants of the Omega 3 Space Station are about to experience first hand the galactic constants of Good and Evil, and Life and Death. Their chances of survival... Slim. But amid the inconceivable carnage and destruction that will ensue, a Hero will rise, and a Legend will be born... Colonel Jennifer Rocket.