The Spoils: Unlikely Heroes

It is 150 years after the fall of the Marmothoan Empire at the hands of Emperor Barduse. The Swords of Great Justice are long dead. Once a band of powerful warriors in the service of the Empire of Marmothoa, the courage of the Swords could not withstand the sorcerous treachery of Gloamspike and Elzibeth. One by one, the Swords were defeated, their artifacts lost to time and space, and the terrible majesty of the Seraphim thought forever vanished from the world. No one suspected they would ever return. One by one, against all hope, the artifacts of the Seraphim have resurfaced, in places as distant as Lugubria, Metatropea and Acrolos. Fey coincidence, impossible treasure maps, even the ghosts of the damned all conspired to place the artifacts into the hands of our most Unlikely Heroes. In the melancholy north, a new ruling class has come to reign over the swamps and briars of grim Lugubria. Heralded by the smokestacks of industrial magic, the captains of voidal industry have suborned the power of the ancient houses and come to the forefront as a major power in all things political, financial and magical in Luridia. The Lugubrian Council of Quotidian Affairs is their instrument, a forum for their conspiracies and a united front to the world. In recent years, Eldridge Gosche has risen to the seat of Chairman of the Council, and has used his new political powers to launch his most ambitious plot to date: the theft of a god. So begins the saga of the Unlikely Heroes, begun in The Spoils Card Game™, and expanded here in comic book form!