The Sixsmiths, Vol. 1

The Sixsmiths are a family of suburban Satanists who've fallen prey to the global recession. Now their life is in turmoil: the father Ralf needs to find a new job; the twins, Cain and Lilith, need to survive the horrors of the public school system; and wife Annie needs to keep them all sane and under budget. Meanwhile, their estranged elder daughter Jezabelle is having her own crisis of faith. Will the Devil rise to smite their enemies, or will he damn them with hellfire, wrath and underwater mortgage payment? A light hearted comedy satire for adults. The Simpsons meets The Osbournes. "If you like lots of good jokes at the expense of the ‘burbs and don’t mind a little adult content while you get them, try The Sixsmiths." - Modern Myth. " certainly provides plenty of food for thought, suggesting that, beneath the veneer of accepted social mores, people aren't really all that different. Hmm."" - ""You just have to love things that are off kilter and that make you think after digesting. I had a lot of fun and read the comic two or three times to ensure I was getting full value from it. Not one to skim read, and yes it pays you back for time invested. I'm finding The Sixsmiths quite addictive to be honest." -

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