The Savage Lyrics

Far from now, as a sand devil churns across the desolate expanse of the world, a stranger takes a looking glass from his eye. He pulls back from his vantage, a jagged tooth of a rock set a few thousand feet up. He writes down a few fleeting thoughts. Below him is the Town. A simple town rebuilt from rubble. A simple town surrounded by a magnetosphere to protect it from the radiation and toxins in the air. a simple town ruled by 7 ageless people known as the Ministry and their servants, the Clerics. A simple town before the stranger arrived. And whether it took decades or a few millennia, I like to think that this is how he first saw us. Before the death, before the blood, before the end, the stranger we would come to know as the Savage looked down upon our town and wrote his lyrics. -Nebu Orr, 2316, 108th year of the Aftermath